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Providing 40 years of experience with slow moving vehicles.


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We advise you on all types of tyre sizes, brands and models.


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Tyrefinder Agri – Industrial.nl

Specialists in low speed vehicles

(no car- and moto tyres)

Tyrefinder.nl has been founded after 40+ years’ professional experience within the Agri- and Industrial tyre industry. We provide expert advice on- and source for you the most suitable tyres and related accessories. The tyres we can provide are amongst others for agricultural trailers, harvesting machines, mixer feeders and dumper trailers.

We strive to respond to your request within 24 hours . We will research all best matching tyre sizes and brands fitting your needs and can either directly provide a suitable quote for purchase of your tyres and/or accessories or connect you with the original supplier.

Machines for agriculture and industrial purposes are purchased to operate at scheduled times. Downtime because of tyre damage is definitely not desirable. It is our goal to provide you the correct advice that will avoid or shorten such downtime.


Over the past 40 years we have experienced the rise and decline of many types of tyres for agricultural vehicles, harvesting machines, mixer feeders and dumper trailers. Tyres from the past and current ones have undergone tremendous developments.

For mobile excavators there was just one special tyre, for those who know named the “SG7”, which nowadays is still fitted as the original tyre on new machines of various brands.

Rail machines in the form a mobile excavator were and still are often equipped, besides the “SG7” tyres as offside wheel, with a flat profile as inner wheel for the traction on the iron rail wheel or rails.

Preferably the tyres for Grader machines do not cause too many tracks, whilst still needing some traction on the soft surface to move the machine forward.

The Continental brand used to produce certain tyre sizes that had these qualities. Unfortunately, these tyre sizes are no longer in production and the search for alternatives is crucial. We will explain more about this on the Grader machine page.

Mobile terrain constructions and elevator constructions have numerous versions which is a passion for TyreFinder who in the nineties provided to a

German European market leader in scissor lifts 95% of their tyres and wheels.