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Rail machine tyres

A wide and complete range of rail machine tyres can be found via Tyrefinder.nl. We provide expert advice on the best fitting rail machine tyres specifically catered to your needs. Contact us online today for a quote.

The use:
With a wheeled machine on the rails, the tyres are in some cases ” the ghost in the night.” Work on the rail track is frequently performed in the middle of the night. Therefore, it’s often a race against the morning clock, making any downtime related to tyre failures highly inconvenient. This must be avoided where possible.

The weight:
The total weight of a rail machine can exceed far above 20 tons. The weight must be carried by 4 tyres that use just a small part of the profile in case of traction on the railkitt wheel. Only a strong built tyre can carry these peak forces.

Remould tyres:
For rail machines, Tyrefinder.nl has an extensive choice of remoulded tyres. Remoulded tyres are at least as good as new tyres, if not better in some cases. Tyrefinder.nl explore for you if there is a technical/financial advantage to using remoulded rail machines tyres.

Tyre pressure:
Investing in appropriate rail machine tyres can provide significant cost-savings due to the tyre pressure, using a two-component polyurethane fill instead of air pressure. The tyre pressure will always remain constant. Nails or other punctures won’t cause any downtime. Polyurethane also provides additional contra weight if working from the side.

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