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Grader tyres

A wide and complete range of Grader tyres can be found via Tyrefinder.nl. We provide expert advice on the best fitting Grader tyres specifically catered to your needs. Contact us online today for a quote.

In choosing the best fitting Grader tyres for your needs, the following is important:

The use:
The grader machine is used for profiling, leveling, compacting sand and/or gravel roads. There are specific tyre sizes per model. These sizes are thoughtfully designed by the manufacturer to fit perfectly on the Grader machine.

The diameter of the tyre plays an important role in the alignment of the machine’s blade height. Preferably, the tyre profile leaves no tracks behind, though some tyre grip is needed to perform the traction of the machine.

Certain tyre sizes were produced by the Continental brand containing these qualities. These tyre sizes are unfortunately no longer in production. That is why requests for replacements or alternatives is a must. Tyrefinder.nl has the experience and knowhow to get such replacements for you.

The weight:
Machine weight and the proper tyre size are strongly associated. Grader machines tyres with an overcapacity in carrying capacity can avoid unnecessary tracks.

The speed:
The speed of Grader machines is usually between 5 km / hour and 15 km / hour. The machine changes a lot in forward and reverse drive.

Remoulded tyres:
For grader machines Tyrefinder.nl provides excellent replacements in remoulded tyres. The profile designs of these remoulded tyres is perfectly equipped against minimal tracks. Tyrefinder.nl will explore for you if there is a technical/financial advantage to using remoulded Grader tyres.

Tyre pressure:
The most important element of maintenance of Grader machine tyres is the correct tyre pressure. Overloading a machine is the same as under inflation. Low pressure to improved traction it’s possible, but will generally result in a premature wear of the tyre.

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    tyrefinder.nl - Grader tyres

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