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Fertilization and harvesting tyres

A wide and complete range of fertilization- and harvesting machine tyres can be found via Tyrefinder.nl. We provide expert advice on the best fitting fertilization and harvesting machine tyres specifically catered to your needs. Contact us online today for a quote.

The use:
Fertilization and harvesting machines are used for short periods of time each year, specifically during harvesting or fertilizing. Whether the machine is drawn or driven, the advice for the best profile choice will always be known as the “traction” profile. In case of traction wheels it makes perfect sense, but with non-traction wheels a grip profile will ensure that the wheel keeps rolling on a soft or wet surfaces. A lined, non-traction profile may cause a “bulldozer effect” in which the wheel may slip or even get blocked.

The weight:
The total weight of the machine including the maximum load.

Remould tyres:
For short-term use of fertilization and harvesting machines, Tyrefinder.nl has an extensive choice of remoulded tires. Tyrefinder.nl will explore for you if there is a technical/financial advantage to using remoulded tyres.

Tyre pressure:
The most important element of maintenance fertilization and harvesting machine tyres is the correct tyre pressure. Overloading a machine is the same as under inflation. Low pressure for improved traction, is possible, but will generally result in a premature wear of the tyre.

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