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Mobile excavator tyres

A wide and complete range of mobile excavator tyres can be found via Tyrefinder.nl. We provide expert advice on the best fitting mobile excavator tyres specifically catered to your needs. Contact us online today for a quote.

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The use:
Tyres are often a compromise for mobile excavators. If the mobile excavator is mostly operating on paved surfaces, then dual wheels are usually the best choice for driving comfort and stability during work. In the case of sandy- or soft surfaces, a wide single tyre is an excellent option. This gives the excavator a better traction, whilst reducing the stability during operation. For heavier mobile excavators there are single wheels with sufficient stability, as well suited for demolition.

The weight:
With a total weight of 19 tons, the choice of tyre is quite extensive for wheeled excavators. In weights above 20 tons, the choice is more crucial. The stronger single air tires are advisable, or otherwise solid tyres.

The speed:
In some countries longer distances are driven with the mobile excavators. From one job to another and preferably at a maximum speed. A tyre with a low rolling resistance is then highly preferred. If the mobile excavator is mainly transported from A to B with a lowloader trailer then the rolling resistance has a less important role.

Remould tyres:
For mobile excavators, Tyrefinder.nl has an extensive choice of remoulded tyres. Tyrefinder.nl will explore for you if there is a technical/financial advantage to using remoulded mobile excavator tyres.

Tyre pressure:
The most important element of maintenance of mobile excavators tyres is the correct tyre pressure. Overloading a machine is the same as under inflation. Low pressure for improved traction, it’s possible, but will generally result in a premature wear of the tyre.

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